What is Coconut Copra and On What Purpose We Use This?

Coconut copra is the dried kernel of the coconut which use to extract the coconut oil. This copra is used for different uses and coconut copra is a by-product and the main product is coconut oil. Even using this by-product there are multiple advantages of it. Coconut copra is used […]

coco copra

What is Better ,Coconut Sugar Or Cane Sugar ?

Cane sugar is the most famous type of sugar which the majority of the consumers worldwide use for daily purposes. There is a fact that the consuming more sugar is not healthy and it causes some serious problems. Like using cane there are so many types of sugar can be […]

Coconut Sugar

How Red Palm Weevil Destroy The Coconut Tree ?

The red palm weevil is one of a very harmful pest of coconut plantation and this pest attach young palms where age between four to fifteen years. This pest attack is famous as Red Weevil attack. It is essential to get know only the wounds palms get affected by this […]

Red Palm Weevil

How to Make the Best Coconut Coir Fiber (Yarn Fiber)

Sometimes we get confused to select what are the best coir fiber in the industry and some may think all the fiber out of coconut husk are same. But coconut fiber can classify or grade according to their quality. Today we are going to discuss the type of coconut coir […]

Coconut fibre

Why Coconut Oil is Good For Our Health

Having a balanced diet is really essential to have a good health and healthy diet must contain quality proteins with good vegetables and fruits. Due to our busy lifestyle, we don’t have enough themes to prepare a meal which contains perfect nutritional values. When we consider about to have a […]

Why Coconut Oil is Good

Two main methods of manufacture coconut oil

Coconut name is derived from the Spanish name which called as “Coco” the meaning of Spanish is Skull. The name come which they thought that the three indentations on the coconut skull resemble the two eyes and Norse. Coconut tree got great history and it’s believed that this tree got […]

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