coconut coir fiber

Unusual Uses of Coconut Coir Fiber In Modern Agriculture

Do you know the amazing uses of coconut coir fiber in modern-day  agriculture industry ? coconut coir fiber protect the hard shell which enclose the kernel of coconut. Coconut husk (coconut coir fiber ) is outer covering of coconut. Coconut husk consist 35 % of the total weight of entire mature coconut consists coconut husk. In most produce who are producing coconut copra and coconut shells are normally used to product coconut husk base products as by-product of coconut. There are so many...

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Applications and Uses of Coconut Husk in Modern World

Coconut husk also known as are the container which extracted from the outer surface of coconut.Coconut Husk provides useful products and this is also one of the good product from the coconut tree. Coconut tree is another miracle tree and this tree produces the greater production to entire market. In my previous articles I have mentioned several various important production from coconut fruit. So in here I am planning to mention the important production which created by the outer shell of this...

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