Coconut tree leaves

What Are the Things Can Make Use of Coconut Tree Leaves

coconut tree leaves are one of the main parts of any tree and there are many uses of leaves of any plants. If we consider about the coconut tree leaves, it mainly used for sheltering purposes in houses and shields in rural areas.We are discussed more and more benefits of this coconut tree on this site and today we are going to discuss on amazing benefits of coconut leaf. Do you believe that the leaves of this tree are also consumed for human needs and requirements? The answer is yes. Normally...

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Coconut Root

Amazing Medical Benefits of Coconut Root

Type of coconut root system is known as fibrous or adventitious root system and this root system is consist think roots what near the surface of coconut tree.We are discussed more and more benefits of this coconut tree in this site and today we are going to discuss on amazing benefits of coconut leaf. Normally adventitious root system grows surrounding of the plant and few roots penetrate deep in to soil for the stability of the coconut tree.The number of coconut roots occurs on coconut tree is...

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Coconut fibre

How to Make the Best Coconut Coir Fiber (Yarn Fiber)

Sometimes we get confused to select what are the best coir fiber in the industry and some may think all the fiber out of coconut husk are same. But coconut fiber can classify or grade according to their quality. Today we are going to discuss the type of coconut coir fiber and how to make the best fiber out of coconut husk. By the process, we can get high-quality yarn coconut coir which got higher market value.The yarn choir created out of mentioned manufacturing process is grade again according...

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How to Find High Quality Coconut Activated Charcoal

It’s always difficult to find the high-quality Coconut Activated Charcoal on the market. We have already discussed several common uses of coconut shell charcoals and today we are going to discuss how to select the fine quality coconut shell activated charcoal for use.In earlier days coconut shells are used for fuel for produce copra (use in the kiln). In most coconut growing countries such as Sri Lanka and India also use a coconut shell as a fuel for domestic uses too.Due to the huge...

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coconut shell activated carbon

Simple Guide to Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Uses

We already discussed how  Coconut Shell Activated Carbon  are created by using coconut shells in our earlier article. The activated carbons can also produce by coconut charcoal. Activated carbons are much used to absorb the unwanted particle on liquid and gas widely. So in water treatment active carbons are widely use.So it’s widely use for get burn kilns. But these coconut shells are not mulched used as boiler fuel due to the corrosive effective of it. Coconut Shell Activated Carbon are...

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