How Red Palm Weevil Destroy The Coconut Tree ?

Red Palm WeevilThe red palm weevil is one of a very harmful pest of coconut plantation and this pest attach young palms where age between four to fifteen years. This pest attack is famous as Red Weevil attack. It is essential to get know only the wounds palms get affected by this weevils attack.The scientific name of this pest is Rhynchophorus ferrugineus and this pest is commonly known as Indian palm weevil, Asian palm weevils or red palm weevils. The female weevils laid eggs on the young palm trees on the wounded tree and when the plant grows thousands of weevils emerge.

The life cycle of the Red Weevils :

The egg of this pest is not the appearance of the creamy white nut which will hatch in three days. The larvae stage of this pet is 35 mm long and the body is composed of a different part of segments and it got brown color head.

After larvae stage, this pest comes into the pupae stage and the surface of it become shiny and it getting an antenna and eyes at this stage before becoming an adult.

Once it becomes the adult part of its life cycle the head of this pest comprise one-third of its total length. The female weevils are slender and little longer compare to the male weevils

How to identify the pest Damages:

This pest is considered on one of the most destructive pests for coconut plant. It is really difficult to identify whether the coconut tree is infected by this weevils.

The female weevils create a small hot in the soft tissue part and damage area of the coconut tree and you can easily check where there is any kind of holes in that damaged area.

Gnawing sound produce by the feeding grubs it can hear.

When the attack gets into the higher state you can see the yellowing of tin inner part of the leaves

The palm tree gets dead and dry due to this attach under the serious stage.

How to prevent red palm weevil attack:

To prevent such attack it is essential to check where fresh wounds are available on the young coconut tree. When you see such plant what all you need to do is apply engine oil (used) or coal tar to that wounded place to prevent it.

It is essential to inspect all fresh palm trees at least once a week and check whether there is any wound occur in the palm trunk.

When you feel that any plant is severely damaged due to the red palm weevil attach it is really essential to cut the tree and split into the small part and burn it to avoid spreading this pest into other trees.

How to Control red palm weevils :

Sometimes you may get worried about the pest attack. There are several methods you can apply to prevent the growth of this harmful pest such as.

Truck Injection for palm tree with pest control chemicals

Root feeding

Poring insecticide to the bud region of the immature plants.

Avoid making cuts on the coconut stem

Clean the crown of the coconut regularly

Pickup grubs and kill them

Hope that you have to get some basic idea of the red palm weevil attack to the coconut tree and in here we have discussed the life cycle of the pest, how to identify the pest attack, how to prevent and control the damage to the plant.

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