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How to Make the Best Coconut Coir Fiber (Yarn Fiber)

Sometimes we get confused to select what are the best coir fiber in the industry and some may think all the fiber out of coconut husk are same. But coconut fiber can classify or grade according to their quality. Today we are going to discuss the type of coconut coir […]

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The Amazing Uses of Coconut Coir in Modern Day

There are so many unbelievable Uses of Coconut Coir which you don’t expect. In our previous articles we have mentioned several of them and today we are a plan to add some additions for that. Coconut husk fiber which creates out of coconut husk is known as coconut coir. This […]

Uses of Coconut Coir

Coconut Fiber Mats : Another Amazing Uses of Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber mats is another form of coconut based product which is created out of using coconut coir. Coconut coir is a fiber part which extract out of coconut husk. These coconut coir mats are also known as biodegradable geo textile. Today we are going to discuss some other benefits […]

Coconut fiber mats

Benefits of Coconut Husk Fiber in Horticultural Industry

coconut husk fiber is created out of the husk of coconut which is the outer part of coconut seed and Coconut coir is mainly consist form of fiber.Normally coconut husk is not the main part of coconut tree the main product of coconut tree is coconut fruit and coconut husk […]

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5 Amazing Applications of Coco Coir and Their Uses

Coco Coir  is create out of coconut husk which consist 35 % of the total weight of entire mature coconut .This coconut coir can find out in between mature coconut shell and outer part of coconut nut .Normally good coconut coir got brownish color. There are different types of coconut […]

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15 Most Popular Ways to Use Coconut Coir Logs

Coconut Coir Logs are much famous as hydroponic industry as biodegradable erosion control medium. This Coir logs are widely used for hills, shorelines and most of highly erosion areas to reduce the soil erosion of the ground.Most of coconut coir fiber extracted out of coconut husks is long 4 to […]

Coconut Coir Logs

15 Amazing Uses of Coconut Fibre Which You Don’t Believe 1

The complete guide of different Types, specification and application of Coconut Fibre in modern day. The application and uses of coconut fiber has very long history, Ancient navigators widely use these coconut fiber based ropes for their ships over long period. Coconut fiber based products introduced to western world in […]

Coconut Fibre

The Uses of Coir Coconut in Hydroponic Industry

Coir Coconut is one of the most recent development application of coconut products and this materials are now widely used in hydroponic soil culture industry all over the world. Coconut Coir or coconut fiber is actually a by-product and has traditionally being waste product have result of coconut industry of the […]

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Coconut Fiber and it Uses in Modern Day

The scientific name of coconut trees in cocus nusifera and this tree fall under palm tree category. This is one of the most valuable trees by considering on commercial production. Coconut fiber is also known as coconut coir which is extracted from the husk of the coconut. The coconut fiber […]

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