Coconut fibre

How to Make the Best Coconut Coir Fiber (Yarn Fiber)

Sometimes we get confused to select what are the best coir fiber in the industry and some may think all the fiber out of coconut husk are same. But coconut fiber can classify or grade according to their quality. Today we are going to discuss the type of coconut coir fiber and how to make the best fiber out of coconut husk.By the process, we can get high-quality yarn coconut coir which got higher market value.The yarn choir created out of mentioned manufacturing process is grade again...

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coconut coir fiber

Unusual Uses of Coconut Coir Fiber In Modern Agriculture

Do you know the amazing uses of coconut coir fiber in modern-day  agriculture industry ? coconut coir fiber protect the hard shell which enclose the kernel of coconut. Coconut husk (coconut coir fiber ) is outer covering of coconut. Coconut husk consist 35 % of the total weight of entire mature coconut consists coconut husk. In most produce who are producing coconut copra and coconut shells are normally used to product coconut husk base products as by-product of coconut. There are so many...

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Coconut fiber mats

Coconut Fiber Mats : Another Amazing Uses of Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber mats is another form of coconut based product which is created out of using coconut coir. Coconut coir is a fiber part which extract out of coconut husk. These coconut coir mats are also known as biodegradable geo textile.Today we are going to discuss some other benefits of this amazing part of this coconut tree.Most of these coconut coir mats are used for low and medium steep slopes to increase the strength of the soil. Most of coconut coir mats are used for erosion...

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Coconut husk fiber

Benefits of Coconut Husk Fiber in Horticultural Industry

coconut husk fiber is created out of the husk of coconut which is the outer part of coconut seed and Coconut coir is mainly consist form of fiber.Normally coconut husk is not the main part of coconut tree the main product of coconut tree is coconut fruit and coconut husk is a waste product. Coconut coir is created out form this waste product called coconut husk and this coconut coir is one of the essential growing media in Horticulture industry.There are so many different household and...

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coco coir

5 Amazing Applications of Coco Coir and Their Uses

Coco Coir  is create out of coconut husk which consist 35 % of the total weight of entire mature coconut .This coconut coir can find out in between mature coconut shell and outer part of coconut nut .Normally good coconut coir got brownish color. There are different types of coconut coir manufacture in world market and bristle type of coconut coir considers as best coir which got longest variety of fiber.For the most important environmental and industrial applications coco coir are much used...

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