Applications of Different Types of Coconut Timber According to Its Density

Coconut TimberThe main propose of the coconut tree is coconut fruit and there are hundreds of uses for this fruit. If we consider about the coconut, the coconut timber is a by-product of the coconut tree. Coconut tree normally got average lifespan of 70 years and when the coconut tree is at old age and not produce enough coconut it is possible to cut the coconut tree and use it for creating timber.

Compare to other types of trees coconut tree woods are cheaper by compare with its hardness and elegant look.  For Asia Pacific and South Asian region where the coconut trees grow, this coconut wood is widely used as construction material.

Applications of Coconut Woods 

Coconut palm timber got so many structural and interior design based applications. Since the density of coconut timber is really high it can use for hard structural purposes such as pillars, rafting, and decking. The appearance of coconut wood is very unique and it contains elegant design so this wood can use as windows, door frames, and other furniture applications. When there is a coconut timber got medium density so this type of timber can use as a wall of the construction.

Unlike other trees, the coconut tree diameter is about 40 centimeters and it does not increase like other rainforest trees. According to the density and it’s seasoned, there is a different kind of timber can generate on this timber such as Low-density coconut timber, Medium-density coconut timber, and high-density coconut timber. Now we will go on for simple overlook of coconut wood according to its density

Low-Density Coconut Timber:

The coconut palm timber which 200 kg- 400 kg per cubic meter is known as low-density coconut timber. Normally this part is extracted out of the middle part of the coconut.

Due to its properties, these type of timbers are not uses for heavy load structures in constructions but it can use for ceilings, panels where the less load in applications.

Medium Density Coconut Timber:

Medium density coconut palm timber is where the weight of timber is range 400 kg – 600 kg per cubic meter. This timber is extracted out of the sub-dermal part of the coconut steam. This medium density timber is better for construction of walls.

High-Density Coconut Palm Timber:

High-density coconut wood is where the weight of timber is range 600 kg – 900 kg per cubic meter. This is the most used coconut timber use in the modern construction industry. The most of the coconut timber based products such as pillars, Rafting, Grits, Railings and furniture’s are created by using this hard density coconut timber.

Coconut wood is one of the best hardwoods which are cheap and greater design. This is one of the best alternatives for rainforest timber use and by uses more coconut timber as an alternative the deforestation can dramatically minimize. There are less harmful to the ecological system get affected by using coconut tree for constructional and furniture activities.

So now you can imagine how useful of this coconut wood even it is a by-product of the coconut palm tree. We have already discussed some different uses of coconut wood in the previous article and you can get some additional pieces of information of coconut wood from there.


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