What is Coconut Copra and On What Purpose We Use This?

coco copraCoconut copra is the dried kernel of the coconut which use to extract the coconut oil. This copra is used for different uses and coconut copra is a by-product and the main product is coconut oil. Even using this by-product there are multiple advantages of it. Coconut copra is used for diverse applications and there are so many benefits of these commercial products.

Normally coconut copra got great history and it’s believed that the copra is coming from the original name called Tamil word call kopprai. coconut copra slice is also used for Hindu religious ceremonies. It is believed that coconut copra got great history in the early Hindu era. However, Copra was introduced to Europe in late 1800 as an edible fat source and later it became popular in the United States of America too. They believe that the coconut helps to improve the eyesight.

How to Make Coconut Copra

Normal the coconut is husked and the shell is cracked into two halves. By using chopping knife the meat of the coconut is exposing to get dry and create coconut copra.

coconut flesh contains 50 percent of water content and 40 % of oil content. For average the thirty coconuts will provide ten pounds of the copra.

Types of Coconut Copra

Copra can classify as two main parts one is milling copra and the other on edible copra. The classification is basically depending on the drying methods which use for dry the coconut.

Milling Copra: Normally milling copra use to extract for getting coconut oil and edible copra use as dry fruit. The milling copra is the coconut fleshed gets dried by the using sun or artificially by using hot air driers to remove the water content of this coconut.  This is the most famous type of coconut copra and the remaining part of the milling copra are used to feed farm animals.

Edible Copra: In India, this edible compare is also used for some religious purposes. The shape of edible copra is looked as ball and cup. There are different types of edible copra are use and the price is changed according to the size and color of the copra. The entire compare is famously known as edible copra which is less dried compare with full dried coconut copra.

Copra as Animal Food

In Asian culture, the mature coconut gets dried and get the oil out of it and the best part of it use to feed for livestock. Copra is good to use as a food for horses and Cattle and this copra based livestock food contains higher levels of protein and fats. Sometimes these copra based foods are used to ad heat and install some high protein for feed farm animals.

Sometimes you may get confused that the desiccated coconut is created by use of the coconut copra. But desiccated coconut is creating the coconut scraped or chipped into small parts and then get dried.In copra, the entire coconut gets dried without chipped or scrapping. Hope that now you have to get some basic understanding of the coconut copra and type of copra which used.

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