8 Main Uses of Coco Carbon from Coconut Shell

There are so many different coco carbon products available in market such as Coal, Coconut shells, peat and petroleum-based residues. From all types of active carbon products coconut shell based active carbon provides excellent results compare with other types. We already mentioned several benefit of coconut activated carbon created by use of […]

Coco Carbon

Native Forest Coconut Milk Uses You Dont Belive

Native forest coconut milk  is another great organic type of coconut milk which is great to consume . Its really hard to find Native forest coconut milk beacuse its very rare .  Coconut milk is mainly used for cooking purposes. It’s much popular in South Asian Countries which is collected form Native Forest. […]

Native Forest Coconut Milk

5 Features of Organic Palm Sugar Which You Dont Know

Organic Palm Sugar has been use by so many centuries to get the taste of sweetness in to your dishes. Most of people are also afraid of consume sugar because of related health problems associated with these ingredients. In our previous articles we have discussed what are the benefits of coconut […]

Organic Palm Suga

Coconut Fiber Mats : Another Amazing Uses of Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber mats is another form of coconut based product which is created out of using coconut coir. Coconut coir is a fiber part which extract out of coconut husk. These coconut coir mats are also known as biodegradable geo textile. Today we are going to discuss some other benefits […]

Coconut fiber mats

Benefits of Coconut Husk Fiber in Horticultural Industry

coconut husk fiber is created out of the husk of coconut which is the outer part of coconut seed and Coconut coir is mainly consist form of fiber.Normally coconut husk is not the main part of coconut tree the main product of coconut tree is coconut fruit and coconut husk […]

Coconut husk fiber

Coconut Neera : Amazing Drink from Coconut Flower

Coconut neera is produced from the sap of coconut flower bud which is cut to  collect the water part of the Coconut flower . Today we are going to discuss some other benefits of this amazing part of this coconut tree.Neera, Toddy, Karawe and Tuak are some of the brewage […]

Coconut flower

Top 10 coconut water benefits

Coconut water use as a food not as a medicine as general, so there are no such doses for coconut water to consumption as a treatment. Even there are not such indeed research has been conducted regarding this coconut water in term as medical solutions. Coconut which old nearly nine […]