copra coconut

The Amazing Uses of Copra Coconut

Basically copra coconut is the dried form of coconut flesh which creates inside of coconut fruit . The basic theory is to remove the moisture content of coconut by various different methods to create coconut copra. Normally flesh of coconut is white in color and after get dried and the color of  coconut  is change in to lightly brownish color . The main purpose of copra is to extract oil and some of the edible grade type of copars is use as dry fruit .Normally copra coconut  can classified...

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Uses of Coconut Copra as a Commercial Product

Coconut palm tree is the most commercially important tree in tropical country and they produce so many economically valuable products to the world. Copra is another product which use after the major production of coconut oil.Copra is the dried meat of coconut which uses to extract coconut oil. Copra production has long history this is a very important commercial product from coconut tree.Normally copra has 6-8% water.Copra is the part which use after the coconut oil extracted from...

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