11 Amazing Main Palm Tree Coconut Products

Ancient Indian know the value of this magical palm tree coconut and they say this tree as “Kalpa Wriksha” which means the magical tree which can generate any wish of your. Basically coconut tree is a topical plant . This tree can grow up to 30 feet in tall and got great life span too.Normally coconut tree produce about 50 coconuts per year .Some times it may vary according to different environmental conditions.There are thousands of coconut uses and most of the people who live...

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King Coconut Water

What No One Tells You About King Coconut Water

King coconut water is a one of verity type of coconut drink which is not same as coconut water.Some people get confused with king coconut and coconut water are same but these are not.This king coconut is much indigenous to Sri Lanka and in Sri Lanka it’s called by the name of “Thambili” which meaning is orange in Color.The nut of king coconut do only use for water and unlike other coconut it does not have shells and coir contain at outer part.What is King Coconut Water? There are...

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Benefits of Natural King Coconut Water

 What is King Coconut King coconut is a sub class of coconut and unlike coconut this produce only use of consumption its tastier water. King coconut shell is orange in color so it is much easier to find it from ordinary coconut. King coconut water is much popular as a healthy drink which contains a lot of ingredient which essential to human body. Sri Lanka is the highest producer for king coconut and most of Sri Lankan use this drink for their daily consumption. King Coconut drink...

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