How to Make Activated Charcoal Coconut and What are the Benefits of Them

Activated Charcoal Coconut Activated Charcoal Coconut is now getting much popular due to its industrial applications and numerous benefits. In here we are a plan to discuss how to make this activated charcoals and what is the benefit of them.

What is Coconut Shell

Coconut shell is originally made of the hard part which consists of cellulose and lignin. Due to the high quality of coconut shell, it is got much durable. In the primary stage, coconut shell is used as a fuel for cooking in most of coconut growing countries such as Sri Lanka, India and Philippine.In rural villages, most of the coconut shells are used as water container and serving cup for drinking water.

by considering the natural hardness and durability these coconut shells are much used to create handicrafts.  There are so many beautiful handicraft create by using this coconut shell. Some of them export in other countries too. Most of these handicrafts were created in domestically in coconut growing countries.

There is a huge demand for the product which creates out of the coconut shell. New spoon and forks create by using this coconut shell got huge demand on the American and European market. Since this the product created by using this coconut shell is biodegradable it’s also environmentally friendly using this coconut shells receptacles are made and they are now widely used to serve salads and puddings.

The ability to absorb the toxic, harmful chemicals and odors are the most useful benefits of this coconut based active carbons.

What is activated charcoal coconut

We have already discussed several articles on the uses of activated charcoal coconut and how it makes by using coconut shells.

Coconut shell is much famous to create active carbon because it creates the highest quality active carbon.

Most of the application which uses this active carbon is in purification industry. In so many industries purifications is essential and for that purpose active carbons are widely used. Example for these industries which purification essential are

  • sugar industry
  • drugs
  • industrial gases
  • water purification
  • air purification

Due to the demand of these industries, there is huge demand for coconut shell based active carbons.

Active carbon manufacturing process

Coconut shells are used as main raw material to make this active carbon. The main process of manufacturing that active carbon can divide into three main sections

Carbonization: Coconut shell use to get carbonized in this stage

Activation Process: by using rotary kilns this coconut shell got activated by proper heat.

Post Process: In this process also contain washing, drying, and sieving of the coconut shell


Air Based Purification of Active Carbon

Coconut shell charcoals have been used in the toxic gas mask to get protected from harmful toxic gases such as mercury vapor, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and so many other toxic gases in the industries.

These coconut shell based active charcoals are also used to the purify air in closed space such as inside submarines and space satellites.

active carbons are also used to get purify the Radioactive gases produced by the nuclear plant.

In fertilizer industries, these active carbons are used to remove sulfur from synthetic gases.

These activated carbons are also widely used for odor removal in places like hospitals and to prevent odors in apartment houses. Shipping and storage containers


Active Carbon in Water Purifications

One of the most famous applications of this activated carbon is to purify the drinking and industrial water.  This coconut shell based activated carbon got the great potential to eliminate the odor and foreign taste in the contaminated water immediately.

Since the ability to purify this contaminated water got great use in drinking water manufacturing process by treating and filter river based water into drinking water.

In most of the hospitals treated activated charcoals are use for treat patient who swallows harmful chemicals like poison. This work more efficient and easier to use with a lot of benefitted results.


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