What No One Tells You About King Coconut Water

King Coconut WaterKing coconut water is a one of verity type of coconut drink which is not same as coconut water.Some people get confused with king coconut and coconut water are same but these are not.This king coconut is much indigenous to Sri Lanka and in Sri Lanka it’s called by the name of “Thambili” which meaning is orange in Color.The nut of king coconut do only use for water and unlike other coconut it does not have shells and coir contain at outer part.

What is King Coconut Water?

There are flesh part contain in king coconut but the flesh of its not much stronger like traditional coconuts so this flesh can’t use for create recipes.So compare with traditional coconut, king coconut there are less commercial value and its mostly used for drinking purposes.

There are several countries plant king coconut, but in Sri Lanka its much popular and there are lots of king coconut trees available and most of king coconut trees grow with less human interventions, so most of king coconuts cultivation are 100% organic.

Ran King Cocout (Ran Thambili) and Gon King Coconut (Gon Tambili) are the most common type of king coconut available in Sri Lanka.

As we discussed earlier king coconut are only used as beverages and this water is really delicious rather than green coconut water. In Sri Lanka most of the people used king coconut as beverage and not traditional green coconut water.

Health Benefits of King Coconut Water

Apart from electrolytes, king coconut water also contains bio active enzymes which help for metabolism and digestion.

King coconut water is also used to clean up urinary paths and it also increases semen’s production of male’s body.

King Coconut is filled with too much water and it’s too much delicious and contains lots of nutrients and healthy electrolytes.

King coconut water also really good for pregnant and nursing mothers. This also widely used in Ayurveda  treatment in Sri Lanka.

King coconut water is 100% natural beverage which contains lots of notorious such as sucrose, fructose and glucose.

Electrolytes are some of the valuable minerals such as sodium, prospers, magnesium, chloride and calcium. Theses electrolytes are necessary fluid in our body and it contain bodily blood and other body fluids such as sweat.

Normally our sweat also include lots of electrolytes, when we do exercise we lose our sweat. So we reduced our electrolytes level from our body. So by drinking king coconut water will add lots of electrolytes in our body and king coconut also act as good re hydrate also.

Using king coconut always refreshing and able to re-hydrate your body instantly and you can add lots of electrolytes by consuming this 100% natural drink.

As we explained earlier king coconut water is highly notorious and refreshing drink.

Quality of King Coconut

Another interesting fact is the natural ingredients of king coconut is different from one king coconut to another even they grow in same tree.

The taste and the quality of king coconut is mainly depend on the soil and the climate where the tree grows.

There are no needs to add extra ingredient for flavors in to king coconut and its 100% natural and contain excellent refreshing taste.

There are less meat part inside the king coconut and most of king coconut are harvested when they are in tender and having little flesh inside of it. These kind of tender king coconut got the highest level of electrolytes.

Why King Coconut are Not Popular?

Since king coconut does not give valuable by product as green coconut there are less commercial value for this fruit. There are no Coconut shell and coconut husk of king coconut also can’t use to create different industrial products like green coconut do.

Due to economic benefits most of conutires  use to plant green coconut but not king coconut. So most of king coconut plants are grow without human interference.

Since this King coconut water is far better than green coconut water, it is better to find the commercial value of it and promote this as a beverage product.

Anyhow this delicious dink is so refreshing and there are several companies bottled these king coconut water and sell them globally.

King coconut got great potential as beverage and since this drink is 100% natural , there are no side effects compare to unhealthy soft drinks and beverages.



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