Different Uses of Coconut Wood

These coconut timbers made for the trunk of coconut tree. Coconut woods are also used to produce furniture’s and other timber based handicrafts. Coconut timber are widely used for electrical and telecommunication poles and this got higher strength and cheap in cost. Compare to other timber coconut serves better in outside environment due to its material quality. Coconut timber has small diameter compare to other trees and density of this wood are low so this coconut timber is not used for structural material in construction business. Normal life span of coconut tree is about 70 years and after the effective of time of coconut tree normally tree cut for timber use.

Coconut Wood for Furniture

Normally coconut timber got unique and beautiful design and these timbers are widely used for interior designs in due to its unique design. Coconut woods are much popular for flooring and these woods got great look for flooring applications in interior designing. Coconut timber are widely use for building construction and by use of coconut timber various house hole part made. There are two types of coconut timber

High Density coconut Timber Materials

Medium Density Coconut Timber Materials

Low Density coconut timber materials

Coconut trunk are also used as charcoal Apart from use coconut wood as a construction and house hold furniture and wood application. This charcoal serves better compare to other charcoals. Most of coconut palm tree grows in tropical countries and Coconut plantation are grow rapidly due to the higher demand of coconut based productions and numbers of coconut plantation grow rapidly due to this reason. After the effective year of coconut plant the tree must cut down to grow new plant. So most of coconut woods are made from matured coconut trees which has no economical values. Following are some furniture created by use of this coconut wood.

Coconut wood furnitures coconut-wood-furniture







Coconut wood has near appearance to mahogany wood and the colors are much same. So this coconut wood is a better alternative for expensive mahogany and there are beautiful strips available on this wood which is very uncommon form all other furniture. There is a new trend to create furniture by using this coconut timber due to its unique appearance . Coconut wood flooring is another trend in building service and most of top  interior designer use this coconut wood flooring for attractive look for the floor. following image show how attractive this coconut wood as floor in interior designing.

coconut wood

The main disadvantage of the coconut wood are these wood limited to certain width and the reason for that is coconut tree diameter not get increase and it only varies for certain limited diameter such as largest 300 mm.Active carbon can also created by this coconut wood. This active carbon is widely use for chemical, pharmaceutical and paint industry. There are so many different coconut based product available on market and following are several articles based so some major coconut products.

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