40 Top Secret Uses of Coconut Oil to Enhance Beauty Naturally

Coconut oil got more and more benefits and this became one of the top super oil which got more than hundreds of useful applications.Uses of Coconut Oil proves so many health, household, medicinal benefits and this is anti-toxic natural oil which extracts from coconut flesh. Coconut oil contains so many useful saturated fats, lauric acid, capric, vitamin E and so many healthy nutrition contents and this will help to improve the beauty of your skin and able to have a good healthy hair too.

100 % natural coconut oil called for virgin coconut oil . And by use of this coconut oil or any product related coconut oil, you can improve your beauty. Today I am going to explain further about the coconut oil use to get develop your beauty and In here I am going to explain top 35 Top Uses of Coconut Oil for Enhance your Beauty in a natural way.

Uses of Coconut Oil For Beauty and Skin Treatments


Coconut oil is also rich in so many necessary proteins and another necessary part which keeps your skin healthy in both internally and externally.

Vitamin E is one of the necessary parts for skin care and 100 grams of coconut oil contain 0.1 mg of vitamin E, so it got great nourishing quality compare with other artificial beauty products.

Following are several skin and beauty related uses of coconut oil and some of them can use as coconut products too.

  1. Wrinkle cream: Coconut oil can use as wrinkle cream and apply this creams can use to cut wrinkle on your face and enhance the beauty of your face.
  1. Reduce Moles of your skin: You can cut the moles which appear in your skin by applying better natural coconut oil skin product.
  1. Cream for dry parched skin: Those who are having dry parched skin you can apply coconut oil to get rid of the parched skin and applying coconut oil will increase the moisture content of your skin and will lead to having better skin tone.
  1. Body Lotion: Coconut oil will help to prevent dryness of your skin and use to improve the moisture and smoothness of your skin so its can easily use as a body lotion to moisturize your skin
  1. Lip Balm: Coconut oil can apply as a lip balm for those who are having chapped lips this will increase the moisture of your lips and help to have better lips.
  1. Breath Freshener: Apply coconut oil one spoon and gargling for 15 minutes will help to get rid of bad breath problem. This will use to get rid of very harmful germs inside your mouth
  1. Under eye cream: Coconut oil can use as an under eye cream to have a very good look of your eyes.
  1. Reduce Stretch Marks: Coconut Oil is a great remedy to cut the mark occurs by any scars and this will prevent the dark spots and which occurs by these marks.
  1. Massage Oil: Coconut oil is ideal as a massage oil and most of the massage centers use this coconut oil due to its excellent relaxation and moisturizer quality.
  1. Homemade Toothpaste: By use of coconut oil you can create a homemade toothpaste. This can simply do at your home and all you need to do is take equal parts coconut oil and baking soda mix them and add few drop of peppermint. Likewise, you can easily create homemade toothpaste.
  1. Uses of Coconut Oil as Deodorant : Due to coconut oil’s antibacterial qualities you can use it as a deodorant to keep your body fresh.
  1. Coconut Oil for Sunburn: Coconut oil is ideal for all sunburn problem. It got great nutrition and miniaturization quality will protect your hair from sunburns and other skin problems occur by the sun. If you have any sunburn what you have to do is apply some small part of coconut oil into the affected area.
  1. Coconut Oil for Diaper Rash: Diaper Rash are the common problem occurs frequently and so many mothers worried about these rashes. For baby it’s really painful and to cut the pain of rashes you can apply coconut oil to the affected area and to sooth the redness and burn of diaper rash.
  1. Coconut Oil as Face Wash: You can easily create homemade face wash by apply one part of coconut oil and castor oil then mix it.
  1. Coconut Oils as an Aftershave : Coconut oil can easily use as after shave and this will sooth the irritation which occur after shave and razor burns.
  1. Reduce the Age Spots : Coconut oil is excellent to get cut the appearance of age spots of your skins and as I told you earlier this can also use of any type of skin burns. Applying coconut oil will make fade your age spots of your skin.
  1. Coconut oil can use as a makeup remover: Coconut oil got the quality to remove all the makeups. You can easily use coconut oil to remove makeups and its 100% healthy and less cost consuming.
  1. Foundation Primer: Coconut oil can also use as foundation primer and you can apply this before applying makeup.
  1. Apply for dry Skin : If your skin is more dry its wiser to apply some virgin coconut oil into your skin . this will rehydrated your dry skin and yours skin may get more softening
  1. Coconut oil for acne : Coconut oil can use to treat acne and pimple problems and this should be apply with recommendation of your personal doctor.
  1. Coconut oil skin moisturizer : Coconut oil can directly apply as skin moisturizer and those who need to moisturizer the skin can apply this oil.


Coconut Oil Uses for hair and scalp treatments


Hair care is some times may be another big Problem of your beauty. Coconut Oil is another great solution for your hair and scalp problems. Since coconut oil is organic and natural there are no side effects like artificial chemical which you apply in to your hair to resolve your hair problems.

Do you know that most of the hair care products in the market contain alcohol, silicone, and chemicals which contain harmful side effects? To have a beautiful hair your scalp should be clean and in good healthy condition.

Most of the woman is much considering about the skin but not their scalp and this may lead a problematic hair problem. Coconut oil got great nutrients and due to its moisture qualities most of

Coconut oil got great nutrients and due to its moisture qualities, most of  dermatologists recommend to apply coconut oil for have great hair and scalp. following are several uses of coconut oil for hair and scalp.

  1. Lice Remedy: lice problems is one of very annoying problem in your hair and those who got lice problem know how annoying that was. Coconut oil can also use to get rid of lice problem. For more detail check “Coconut oil can use as lice remedy”
  1. Pre Shampoo: Coconut Oil can use as pre shampoo to enhance the quality of your hair. For more details check Coconuts Oil as Pre Shampoo.
  1. Coconut Oils as Solution for Dandruff: Dry and itchy scalp is a result of annoying dandruff and those who got dandruff problem know how annoying it is.
  1. Coconut Oils as Solution for Damaged hair: Some times you might spend more money to get cure that problem and this may result to damage your hair also.
  1. Natural hair Conditioner : Coconut oil can use as a conditioner of your hair and this will improve the quality of your hair. Most of commercial conditioner use coconut oil by considering its unique features.
  1. Coconut Oil as Energy Booster: Coconut oil got great nutrition content and this is also used as a energy booster. the food has coconut oil has energy boosting capabilities and this also help to boost the mental alertness too.
  1. To speed-up Hair Growth : The excellent nutrition of coconut oils is always help to have a better hair and after applying coconut oil you can easily find that the growth of your hair getting faster than before you apply coconut oil
  1. Repair Damaged Hair : Coconut oil is a great solution for your hair care and applying coconut oil will improve your hair condition and repair your damaged hair naturally way. Since coconut oil are 100% natural there are no side effects associated with.
  1. coconut oil hair loss : Coconut oil give great solution for hair loss. Applying coconut oil increase the growth of your hair so  it will be better solution for those who got hair loss problem to apply coconut oil.

Some Additional Coconut Oil Beauty Uses


    31.Uses of Coconut Oil as mascara brush cleaner:  To clean the mascara brush you can use coconut oil and it cleans the brush in an excellent way.

  1. Instead of using shaving cream you can use coconut oil: Coconut oil is also can use as great natural shaving cream which you will able to have a great after shave.
  1. Coconut oil can also use as a natural sunscreen.
  1. Use coconut oil on nipples to cut cracking and irritation for nursing mothers.

35. Coconut oil can use to help get cut eye wrinkles and sagging.

36. Work as Cuticle Oil: Coconut oil can use as a remedy for peeling skin. This can also help to long last the manicure also.

37. Can use as Home Wax: Coconut oil is also able to use to prep your skin before and after remove the wax from the skin.

38. IT can use as greater muscle soother: By adding coconut oil into your muscle you can have a better relief into your muscle. It’s better if you got some muscle problems.

39. What happens if you got gum in your hair? : Coconut oil can easily use to remove the gum in your hair. for that slather coconut oil with and soak for a couple of hours and then gum will slide out very easily.

40. Use As Eyelashes: Coconut oil can also use to brush on the eyelashes and it’s also able to use to boost the pigmentation and the growth of it.


Coconut oil uses

on this guide, you get some idea of Uses of Coconut Oil for skin care, hair care and other remedies which related with skin.

We have already published several articles regarding the importance of these coconut product and other important coconut products such as followings.

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Hope to publish more and more article regarding this coconut product in near future by considering your responds and comments.

It highly recommended a consult your family doctor or beautician before you apply any coconut oil or coconut oil related products to your skin.

This will give greater effect to your skin by using this coconut oil to enhance your beauty.

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