Applications and Uses of Coconut Husk in Modern World

Coconut husk also known as are the container which extracted from the outer surface of coconut.Coconut Husk provides useful products and this is also one of the good product from the coconut tree. Coconut tree is another miracle tree and this tree produces the greater production to entire market. In my previous articles I have mentioned several various important production from coconut fruit. So in here I am planning to mention the important production which created by the outer shell of this coconut fruit.

Coconut Husk

Coco peat, coco husk chips, Coco crush and coir fiber are some of greater production from outer shell of coconut fruit. Coconut husk has great capacity to produce various important products to the modern market. Coconut husk is not used as a food but these husks mainly use for creating a potting to grow plants and flowers. Coconut husk offer good solution for greenhouse production as a raw material of soil. Coconut husk got the capacity to absorb the nutrition and give them to the plant stably. Coconut husk decompose very quickly and give good soil enrichment to the plants.

Coconut husk are mainly used as plant growing media (potting medium) for flowers such orchids, roses and antrium. Apart from flower market this plant is also give great flexible growing material for several other major food productions too. Coconut husk has the capacity to keep moisture inside which help to grow plant healthier. Coconut husk also got following property to support better for plant. Coconut husk has the capacity to keep moisture inside which help to grow plant healthier. Coconut husk also got following property which is vital for keep up plant.

  • Supply adequate moisture to the plant
  • Plant doesn’t get much wet which harmful
  • Balance mineral without getting exceed
  • Maintain good temperature for plant
  • Maintain good ph value for plant
  • Reduce fungal growth in plant
  • 100% natural production
  • Popular as a potting medium for lower cost too.


Most of Indian and Sri Lanka coconut husk producer produce this very attractive type of these coconut husks form the raw materials. Normally these coconut base husk are a form of chips which is small part of outer shell and these Coconut chips are produced by cutting coconut husk in the small piece of slices. Coconut growing mediums such as coconut husks and coconut chips has larger market share in natural growing medium market and this is also environment friendly growing production.

coconut husk chips

coconut husk chips

There are various grades of coconut husks available and it is better to consider the grade of husks before application. Coconut husk are also used as a bio fuel and this also a source of charcoal too.Coconut husks are also used to produce various house hold product such as carpets and other accessories which necessary to home. So according to above facts coconut husks are considered as the best natural organic growing medium in world. Since the product from coconut husks are 100% natural most of these product can easily recyclable .  I am planning to produce more and more information and valuable production form this coconut trees in near future.