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NATURAL BEAUTY TREETMENTCoconut Oil got so many benefits and this can use for skin care, first aid , household use,medicinal uses and many more. The application and use of coconut oil is pretty amazing. It can use for so many verity of applications , Treatment By Coconut Oil and there are so many beneficiary of this amazing oil. Today I’m going to explain several remedies by use of coconut oil for enhance your beauty. Following are the 10 natural beauty treatment by coconut oil.

1. Coconut Oil Uses as Breath Freshener

If you have a bad breath problem you can easily solve this problem by gargling one spoon of coconut oil for 15 minutes. Due to coconut oil’s anti bacterial property it will use to get rid of harmful germs inside your mouth and create a fresh berate. By doing this procedure you can also get whiter teeth also.

2. Coconut Oil for Dry Skin as Body Lotion

Coconut oil got great miniaturization quality so it is also can use to moisturize your skin. This oil will help to prevent dryness of your skin and also use to improve the moisture and smoothness of your skin.

3. Coconut Oil as Lip Balm

Coconut Oil can also use as lip balm and due the moisturize quality of coconut oil it is very useful to get your lips under very good quality. This is a great remedy for those who are having chapped lips. By applying coconut oil in to your lips also get enhance the smoothness of your lips.

4. Coconut Oil as Under-eye cream

There are so many highly expensive products on market for under eye cream to get reduce undereye bags and line. Now you can use coconut oil as under eye cream so this will reduce the cost which your spend on expensive undereye cream.

5. Coconuts Oil as Pre Shampoo

Coconuts Oil can also use as a pre shampoo to get enhance the quality of your hair. This natural oil is a great treatment for those who have dry hair. Before your shampoo and condition your hair applies coconut oil and leave at least one hour. This treatment wills enhance the smoothness of your hair.

6. Dandruff Treatment By Coconut Oil

Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems and the main reason to get dandruff is the dryness of the hair. Apply coconut oil in to your dandruff scalp and massaging will use to enhance the moisture of your hair and scalp and this will also help to enhance the growth of your hair.

7. Balm of Bug bites and Busies Treatment By Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is ideal for Bug bites and busies. Coconut oil got great healing quality and this will help to get reduce the pain of Bug bites and busies and also to reduce appearance of the mark caused by itself.

8. Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover

Coconut oil got great water proof quality and this can use to remove markup very easily. Since coconut oil is very natural form of ingredient this would be a fine solution for artificial harmful markup remover on market.

9. Get rid of Stretch Mark by applying Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can use as a great treatment to mark occurs by scars. Sometimes you may spend lots of money for stretch mark cream to get rid of stretch. The theory behind the using coconut for stretch mark are that this coconut oil wont fade the Stretch mart but it will help to prevent the dark spots and blister get form.

10.) Coconut oil can use as lice remedy

lice could be some major problem to your hair and sometimes its very annoying. Coconut oil can use as a natural lice treatment to get rid of your lice problem. Rinse apple cider vinger in to your hair and once the vinegar has dried apply coconut oil in to your hair and wait for one night or a day.After that brush your hair with good comb and finally get shampoo your hair.

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