11 Amazing Main Palm Tree Coconut Products

Palm Tree CoconutAncient Indian know the value of this magical palm tree coconut and they say this tree as “Kalpa Wriksha” which means the magical tree which can generate any wish of your. Basically coconut tree is a topical plant . This tree can grow up to 30 feet in tall and got great life span too.Normally coconut tree produce about 50 coconuts per year .Some times it may vary according to different environmental conditions.

There are thousands of coconut uses and most of the people who live in Asia pacific and tropical countries . Main Purpose of growing palm tree coconut by considering is commercial value.The Main product of coconut tree is coconut fruit and Billion of coconut are harvest and export different part of the world for pure commercial purpose.

Coconut tree holds coconut fruit which use for so many valuable different applications all around the world. Virtually from every part of this tree can product commercially valuable products too.


11 Main Palm Tree Coconut Products

1. Coconut Meat

Normally coconut meat is the main ingredient and the most valuable part of the coconut tree. Delicious coconut meat got out of coconut fruit can add to create lots of delicious recipes apart of coconut meat, coconut milk and coconut copra, coconut sugar, coconut sap and many more. Most of mentioned coconut products use to create thousands of delicious recipes all around the world.

2. Coconut Water

From recent research identified that coconut water is natural energy dink. Now most of the athletes and sport and gym related professions consume this natural coconut water as an energy dink to boost up their energy level.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most famous product of this tree and there is huge demand for this oil do its unique uses. Coconut oil can use for so many applications such as cooking to Animal products.

4. Coconut Sap

The sap from coconut blossom are also used to Crete so may different type of bewrage all around the world. In Philippine this call by as tuba, In Indonesia it’s called as tuak and in Kiribati it’s known as Karawe.

5. Coconut Sugar

Coconut syrup and coconut sugar use to make candy in Maldives such as boondi, dhiyaa hakuru, and Hakuru. These types of candy use to create out of coconut syrup also.

6. Coconut Husks

Coconut husks are use to create handy crafts and other eco-friendly products like floor mattress, ropes and paint brushes.

7. Coconut Shells

Coconuts Shells are used to produce soup bowls, and used to create activated coconut charcoals which got higher value in world market.

8. Coconut Woods

The wood which taken out of palm tree coconut are also used to create household items and furniture’s and its also use to create building and houses too.

9. Coconut roots

Even roots of this plant use as Mouthwash, tooth-brush and for Ayurvedic medical treatment.

10. Coconut Leaves

Coconut Leaves are use mainly for shelter purpose in rural areas and there are different small craft items  by using this leaves.

11. King Coconut

King Coconut is a different type of coconut which only use for bewrage purposes and its also a great alternative for coconut water.

The uses and benefits for different type of coconut products are go one and on. We have discussed so many valuable features of this magical palm tree coconut in this site  . Hope you have good understanding about the features and product of this coconut tree.



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