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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Most of people misunderstand regular coconut oil and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  are same. But the truth is regular coconut oil is made out of copra (dried coconut meat) which the fresh coconut get dried by naturally or artificial and Crete coconut copra and the oil is taken from it but Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from the flesh or kernel (Coconut Kernel is also another food product which is highly notorious and enriched with lots of minerals, vitamins and fiber)of mature coconut. Those the coconut trees not use chemical and only use organic fertilisers can create organic virgin coconut oil.

Normally virgin coconut oil is colorless like water and this got sweet and salty taste. Due its unique taste virgin coconut oil are highly used for so many cooking recipes.  Normally virgin coconut is created by following ways

Quick Drying Method to create Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 

Dried the fresh coconut flesh and later extracted the oil from it mechanically and this method is known as quick drying method. This method also involves heating process to remove the moisture of the coconut.

Wet-Milling Method to create Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 

Coconut Milk extracted out of coconut flesh by mechanically process and later the oil extracted from that coconut milk by using several steps (This method is known as wet milling method) .Since coconut oil is extracted from coconut milk there are no need for heating process for exact virgin coconut oil out of wet milling method.

Nowadays virgin coconut oils are much famous due to the latest research find out its health benefits for human body.

Normally regular coconut oil and virgin coconut oil can easily find by their color.

Regular coconut oil got yellowish in color and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  are color less.

Unlike copra coconut oil virgin coconut oil not contain any additional chemical which use for process purposes.

So normally virgin coconut oil is best rather than copra coconut oil and its also expensive too.

By considering the important facts of this coconut product , now we able to understand the importance of it in modern day .

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