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oil pulling with coconut oilDo you know anything about oil pulling with coconut oil , If you don’t here the guide to do it and its benefits for improve our oral health.Most of us used process  food what contain processed sugar which is the main problem of our oral health.  So bacteria and other harmful germs created inside our mouth and create so many different oral problems.There are so many different ways to remove bacteria of your mouth and to have a healthy gum and teeth.

oil pulling with coconut oil is one of the best natural ways to have a better oral health.This natural technique used in Ayurveda medicine over so many years very successfully in eastern culture. Recently this got much popular on western countries such as United States and Europe due to its magnificent results.Actually coconut oil pulling is kind of natural remedy which can be easily done at your home. Apart of clean and detox your teeth and gum, this method is also widely use for get whitening your teeth in natural way also.

oil pulling with coconut oil also improves your oral health and improves the quality of your teeth and gum too.

How to do oil pulling with coconut oil

Its actually a simple process and that coconut oil is swished tin to your mouth for short duration on daily basis. The way to do it mentioned as follows.

step 1: Put one or two table-spoon of coconut oil in to your mouth

Step 2: Swish the coconut oil inside your mouth about 15 -20 minutes

Step 3: Split out the coconut Oil

Step 4: Brush your teeth afterwards.

If you could swish coconut oil with warm water or salt water seem to provide good results and it’s improve the effectiveness of coconut oil pulling.

Remember if you’re got thick and solid coconut oil, and then chew it until it gets melt.

This method also give good result in morning with empty stomach

Make sure to brush well after oil pulling remove all bacteria inside your teeth and mouth.

There are amazing benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil rather than costly syntactic oral treatments. Coconut oil pulling is more effective at removing plaque and whitening teeth and most scientific research shows and proved it.

If you are plan to use coconut oil for coconut oil pulling try to buy an excellent quality coconut oil.

There are thousands of uses of coconut oil and we have discussed more of it in our previous articles under coconut oil section.

coconut_oil pulling

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