Two main methods of manufacture coconut oil

manufacture coconut oilCoconut name is derived from the Spanish name which called as “Coco” the meaning of Spanish is Skull. The name come which they thought that the three indentations on the coconut skull resemble the two eyes and Norse.

Coconut tree got great history and it’s believed that this tree got fossils back 55 million years. Some of the fossils have found it the parts of India and Australia.

Some researches believe that the birth of this coconut tress from South America. Most of the coconut tress are grown in the costal area and the nut got he capability to travel on the ocean on 3000 miles within 100 days from where it originated.

The traditional of the pacific are is too much close to this coconut fruit and they have used coconut to make oil for medical purposes. The value of coconut oil and their healing properties spread all around the world. In mid eighteen centenary Americans get to know the healing power of coconut oil. After few decades of introduction, this oil becomes much popular among Americans. So advanced and industrial methods have found to extract and process the coconut oil very quickly and effective way.

manufacture coconut oil

There are two main methods is used to manufacture coconut oil. These methods are known as a dry method and wet method.

Dry Method 

This method involves drying the meat of the coconut in the sunlight, chemical or heat generated by the industrial dryer.

Wet Method m

In this method, coconut meat gets compress and expel the liquid. Then separate coconut oil from its water content by using fermentation, boil and chemical process.

The price of too wet method coconut oil is expensive compare to dry method. Because its involve so many applications of heavy materials and sophisticated industrial applications.

So dry methods are widely used to create coconut oil because of its economical advantages.

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