Benefits of Natural King Coconut Water


What is King Coconut

King coconut is a sub class of coconut and unlike coconut this produce only use of consumption its tastier water. King coconut shell is orange in color so it is much easier to find it from ordinary coconut. King coconut water is much popular as a healthy drink which contains a lot of ingredient which essential to human body. Sri Lanka is the highest producer for king coconut and most of Sri Lankan use this drink for their daily consumption. King Coconut drink can considered as highly sweet  and good beverage and this product  is 100% natural . So without adding additional artificial ingredient we can consume the best natural sweet beverage to our daily consumption.

king coconutAs I said earlier king coconut water only use as a beverage and the taste is far better than normal coconut water. This water consists natural sucrose, fructose and glucose like green coconut water. Like coconut water , king coconut water also use to improve metabolism and this also clear up your urinary path.There are two main types of king coconut available in Sri lanka which known as Ran king coconut and Gon king coconut. The mentioned two types of king coconut produces better taste which is far better than the taste of coconut water. Most of people think that king coconut is also taken from the coconut tree . But the truth is the tree of king coconut and coconut are completely different .

Different between coconut and king coconut

King coconut does not produced much sub product like coconut do and that is the main disadvantage of king coconut over green ordinary coconut. If we consider about coconut ,normally the nut of coco  produce shell, husk, coir, copra, coconut milk , oil , water etc  but king coconut only produce the water and the flesh. The flesh of this king coconut cannot store as dried coconut . If we compare ordinary coconut and king coconut economical wise ,ordinary green coconut serves far better in economical than king coconut. the following image show the king coconut in right hand side and ordinary coconut in left.

coconut and King coconut

Benefits  Natural King Coconut Water

This is also used to get referees and help to purify and dehydrate our body. king coconut water consists minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus and some vitamin. King coconut also enrich with bio active enzymes too. Most of people have less knowledge about this type of coconut even they know better about ordinary green color coconut. Most topical countries are plan to develop king coconut in to their country to better diversification on coconut products. Since this King coconut water is far better than green coconut water, it is better to find the commercial value of it and promote this as a beverage product.

There is a huge demand for king coconut water in Middle east country , I think this is because of the most of the people who live in those countries has the problem with lack of water to consumption and better dehydration product as a beverage. King coconut got great potential as beverage and since this drink is 100% natural , there are no side effects compare to unhealthy soft drinks and beverages

king coconut