Is coconut oil good for you daily life

Is coconut oil good for you daily lifeCoconut oil are used for so many applications and uses, One of the most primary and basic uses of Coconut oil is “Cooking”. Instead of using olive oil or vegetable seed oil which create harmful carcinogens while cooking. Most of people think that is coconut oil good for you to apply on day-to-day life and in this article we going to focus some of the aspects and benefits of the uses of coconut oil .Carcinogens are unhealthy because the create oxidative stress on your body. And continuously uses of carcinogens  in to your body can cause so many health problems also.

As Replacement for Skin Care  Products

Coconut oil is another great and natural replacement for skin care products. You can use coconut oil as a natural shampoo, tooth paste and so many beauty products. The best thank that using of coconut oil as skin care replacement is that coconut oil is comparatively cheap and this just very easy to apply. All you want to do is just take a jar of coconut oil and put a little on to your hair, to your skin as body lotion or as tooth paste.

Coconut Oil As Morning Smoothies

So in addition coking with coconut oil you can also add coconut oil in to your morning smoothie in to your coffee or mix sith organize to get your health morning ritual. It’s really great for your brain, your heart health and getting your started on your day.

Coconut Oil Pulling

Another best use of coconut oil is to draw toxin out of your body through oil pulling. Add bit of coconut oil with turmic and you put it in to your mouth and just squish it around about five to ten minutes. You can Start with five and build up to ten and this will actually draw toxin out of your body very easily and it also clean your mouth also. It hills bacteria and at the end of squashing you just split it out and brush your teeth.

Coconut Oil Deodorant

Coconut oil can also use s natural deodorant , Deodorant mixture contain which combined coconut oil and peppermint essential oil, arrowroot powder and baking soda. This coconut natural deodorant shows excellent results.

Is Coconut Oil Good For You To Apply As  Sun Block

Another great use of coconut il is as a light sun block. So it’s also a natural way when you are going out in the sun or you are going to be out in few hours. So putting coconut oil in to your skin will give light protection in to your skin. So if you don’t have organic coconut oil at your home its best time to buy one of it today.

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We are also plan to discuss more and more things about this magical coconut water in our future article . As a Team If you have any details to add to this article please write them on comment section of this site.

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