How to make coconut cream at home

Coconut cream is also another sub product which crated form ordinary coconut. Coconut cream and coconut milk is much similar but the difference is coconut cream got less water compare to coconut milk. Coconut cream is also much popular as a product in cooing application and there are various brands available on these products.Like coconut milk, coconut cream is also use widely for cooking. Most of deserts are created by using this coconut cream. Coconut cream got the same nutrition content which coconut milk got and coconut cream much popular compare to coconut milk in market.

make coconut creamCoconut cream is much similar to coconut milk and the only difference in the water content in coconut cream is lesser compare to coconut milk.Most of coconut product has emerge market and these product was introduce to world market very recently.Coconut cream is widely use for dessert and beverage because of its sweetness.Coconut cream are widely use for cooking applications and some times this coconut cream is far better than cow milk or cream.most of good coconut cream available at you nearest grocer and are so many brands of this coconut cream.

Simple steps to make coconut cream

Coconut cream can be made very easily . What you have to do is created 1 portion of shredded coconut and mix this shredded coconut with another 1 portion of water or milk. After mix this properly straining this mixture through cheesecloth.Later squeeze out as much of this mixture liquid then you can get the coconut milk. After creating coconut milk put this milk in to refrigerator and allowed it to set. Coconut cream is the non liquid part which separate on the top of the coconut milk and you can easily extract coconut cream and make coconut cream out of coconut milk. Coconut cream is much famous for its unique sweetness and I am plan to post more recipes which use coconut cream in near future.