Commercial Value of Coconut Palm Tree

Coconut Palm Treecoconut palm tree is one of the most valuable tree in our civilization . It can produce more than hundred of coconut products for thousands uses. Ancient Asian know the value of this tree and Indian say this tree as “Kalpa Wriksha” which means the magical tree. The┬áScientific name of coconut is cocos hucifera and this tree is fall under palm tree category. Average height of coconut tree is 60 to 70 feet and the average life time of it is 50 to 60 years. Normally coconut palm take 14 months to get matures. Before mature the inside of coconut fill with water and this coconut water is also used as an energy drink and for other beverage production.

The mature coconut got the substance like meat . the coconut meat is thick and white. Normally coconut meat is the main indegrediate and the most valuable part of the coconut tree. There are so many various important product create by use of this mature coconut meat. Coconut oil and Coconut milk are the main production from this meat. There are more than 1000 recipes are created by use of this coconut oil and milk. Most of coconut foods products are very healthy and there are no risk associate with coconut foods.

Apart from use as recipes and foods , this coconut palm tree can also use for so many other commercial products. Coconut wood is now widely use for home decorations and as furniture’s. Unique design of coconut wood create great look for your furniture. Coconut Coir use as natural fiber and its use for various commercial applications. Like coconut Coir, Coconut Husks are also used of different types of applications.Shell of Coconut is also give a valuable commercial product called Active Carbon. Pure high quality commercial active carbon can create out of this coconut shell. Likewise non food coconut products also serves high commercial valuable product to market.

So If we think about the coconut palm tree we can say that as a commercial plant which got the potential to create so many products.Coconut palm tree grow fast and healthy in coastal areas and Normally most of world coconut produce by South Asia and Asia-Pacific region. Like I mentioned above the value of coconut palm tree is unbelievable. I think you get some idea about the importance of coconut palm tree as commercial product and I would like to add more contents about the coconut products in my future articles.


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