The Uses of Coir Coconut in Hydroponic Industry

coir coconutCoir Coconut is one of the most recent development application of coconut products and this materials are now widely used in hydroponic soil culture industry all over the world. Coconut Coir or coconut fiber is actually a by-product and has traditionally being waste product have result of coconut industry of the world. Coconut coir come from husk of coconut, after the coconut was harvested and the main thing of coconut fiber is, its long fiber and these are selected out of use and manufacture brush, filters and other type of industrial materials.

There are lots of good coconut fiber that has been left in the places like Sri Lanka and other pacific and Caribbean islands that’s where the majority of product come from.

The idea of Coir Coconut is to take a waste product and convert it in to valuable resource for hydroponic industry world wide.

There has been major improvement coconut fiber and coconut coir industry in last five years. It has excellent water holding capacity in fact it need to make some adjustment to irrigation system because it holds so much more water than other some of the soil less media.

Coir Coconut can found in couple of different version and packages like compressed chuck material.

Some of the challenges with coconut coir have been that in the processing industry harvesting of coconut there is lot of salt have been used so materials have high level of sodium chloride in the material but that has been cut tremendously over past few years.

There may be occasions where grow need to be leached initially and get ready to put the crop in to the coconut coir. This will decrease any high salt level inherent in to coconut fiber itself.

Coconut fiber we fell has a lot more potential and it certainly valuable that we can take a material that use as a waste and turn it in to valuable resource.

By considering the important facts of this coconut product, we can able to understand the importance of it in modern day.

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Top Benefits and uses of coconut coirEdit

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