Coconut Worm: Ultimate Guide to Best and Worst Things You Should Know

coconut wormCoconut is one of the important products that have many health benefits and nutritional value in the human body. People are getting to understand that, this fruit that grows on a palm tree is so significant to diabetic patients as it helps in reducing blood sugar. Furthermore, it helps in lowering the body cholesterol not to mention its hydration significances and replacement of the blood plasma. Most importantly, Coconut Worm contributes significantly in adding proteins and other nutrients in the human body. There are some positive sides and negative sides which allocated for this coconut worm and following are some of the important information of it.


Benefits of Coconut Worm 

Coconut worm also knows as palm tree weevil, sago worm, palmetto grub, palm grub, grugru or edible maggot is essential and not same as the other insects.

Certainly, it is a type of an insect that has a major source of minerals and vitamins. Its body is full of fat and oil that can be extracted and be used to smoothen the body skin.

Furthermore, it has calcium that strengthens the bones in human body. On the same token, Sago warm is full of proteins content approximately 66.3% that contribute significantly to the healthy growth of body tissues and muscles.

The research indicates that this insect contains nutritional components same as the meat and fish. Other nutritional content of this pest includes ash that is about 5.2%, energy, and Linoleic acid that is 3.51%.

Besides being the most nutritious staple food, it is the source of income to many people, especially in the rural region.

Negatives sides of coconut worm 

Although Sago warm has nutritional value to the human body, it is also considered as a destructive pest. This is because, it bore holes in a coconut tree, date palm, and palm tree killing them completely. In other words, this pest can destroy the entire plantation resulting to food shortages and later starvation of people who depend on coconut fruits as the source of food and income.

Furthermore, other adverse consequences follow as the beauty of the beach that looks appealing when covered with palm trees depreciate and the monetary value obtained from selling coconut fruit and its product reduce. What is more, this edible maggot looks so disgusting and therefore, not so many people can eat it.

In conclusion, it has come to light that coconut worm has significant nutritional value same as any other animal products such as fish or meat.

It also, provide medicinal content similar to that of coconut fruits that include but not limited to insulin secretion improvement and absorption of minerals and vitamins.

However, since infestation of this pest destroys host plantation, it is important to control it as the beauty of nature is more appealing and with more benefits than this edible maggot, and that is why is banned in various parts of the world.

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