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Coconut Shell CharcoalCoconut Shell Charcoal is one of another valuable resource which can create out of this magical tree. Coconut Shell Charcoal widely used as efficient industrial fuel and it’s also uses for laundries and Blacksmithing and goldsmiths where high rate of head is requir3ed. Apart for industrial fuel uses coconut shell Charcoal are also used to produce activated carbon which got so many industrial and beauty applications. Coconut Shell Charcoal is also best known for cooking fuel and most of chefs use coconut charcoal as a fuel due to its pleasant smell. Since Coconut Shell Charcoal got the capacity to absorb molecular species its widely use for purification purposes also.


Coconut Shell Charcoal is created by burning the coconut shells of limited air supply and it get carbonizations. After the coconut shell gets heated it reduced 70% of its weight. Coconut Shell charcoal produced by using two methods called drum method and pit method. Fully dried and good mature coconut shells get the high quality of coconut charcoal. Excellent Coconut Shell raw material source to manufacture great quality of activated carbon. Coconut Charcoal use for heating and cooking purposes are environmentally friendly and you can get clean burn form it. The smell of coconut shell charcoal is neutral and pleasant so this may use for barbecue and grilling purpose also.


Coconut Shell Charcoal are used in a variety of applications including food, and health and beauty products as I mentioned earlier and its can be mixed with water and used to brush and whiten teeth. This is a proven method to whiten your teeth very quick and easy manner with greater cost effectiveness. Coconut Shell Charcoal mixed with thickening agents to make jels and skin creams, and taken internally for various health conditions in beauty applications. So Coconut Shell charcoal is another by-product of the coconut tree which got lots and lot of uses and benefits.

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Coconut Shell

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