The Ultimate Guide To Coconut Oil Types

coconut oil uses

Coconut oil is one of the best coconut oil types in the world which contains healthy fatty acid and this oil is now getting much popular all over the world as a healthy oil. The value and use of coconut oil is pretty amazing. Coconut oil is use to spice up thousands of recipes and in tropical culture and they cannot even imagine recipes without coconut oil. Coconut Oil can use as a treatment for various serious disease and this can also apply in to skin to improve the moisturizer in Beauty care industry.

Coconut oil is also use to produce thousands of productions under production scale. For larger production scale coconut oil is produce by use of dried copra. Normally dried coconut term as copra in coconut industry. Unlike fresh coconut, copra got the capacity to remain longer time without getting spoil. Creating copra from fresh coconut is very easy. First break the coconut shell and then coconut meat will extracted out of coconut shell finally  this coconut meat is use to get dried in different methods to create copra.

As I told earlier The process of coconut meat get dried is use in several ways. Sun drying and smoke drying are the most popular coconut copra drying method. Apart of mentioned methods copra is created using another drying methods such as kiln copra drying method or combination of coconut drying such as Sun and smoke drying, Sun and Kiln drying methods. Copra is kind of a middle product under coconut oil production. Some times coconut oil is produce by non coconut growing countries such as USA and Europe by exporting coconut copra and create coconut oil from it. Copra serves important role at coconut oil production. If we consider about coconut oil types there are various types of coconut available in market. In here I am not categorized coconut oil under the  brand name. Following are several coconut oil types which categorized under production operations.

Refined Coconut Oil

Actually coconut oil is naturally refined and we have to extract the oil out of coconut flesh (white meat contain inside coconut shell). After the break fresh matured coconut you can get the coconut flesh. By use equipment we extract that coconut flesh and some times this flesh get dry for make coconut oil. The dried coconut flesh is normally known as Copra. Refined coconut oil is created by use of this copra.

Refined coconut oil is produced under large scaled production. Normally Copra based refined coconut oil in normally known as RBD (Refined Bleached Deodorized) oil. Bleaching is use for remove impurities of coconut oil from copra.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut oil is produced by fresh coconut and no copra (dried coconut flesh) is not use in here. Unlike copra based coconut oil this virgin coconut oil go high nutrient and the production cost is relatively high compare to refined coconut oil.

So the market price of virgin coconut oil is also higher compare to its unique features. Fresh coconut meat is dried (not much dried like copra) then its break in to small part and these coconut getting pressed and create oil out of it. Fresh virgin coconut oil is also created in home based as well as mass scale.

In Virgin Coconut oil producing the bleached or deodorized process will not taken in to place. Virgin coconut oil is creating by wet milling technology and various other technologies are also use to create this coconut oil. In here the oil is create by use of extract coconut oil without drying the coconut.

This oil create use out of wet milling process will further separate and created fresh natural oil. virgin coconut oil is much popular in food production under domestic and industrial.

Other Types of Coconut Oil

There are so many coconut oil types such as Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Liquid Coconut Oil ,Extra Virgin coconut oil,Wet-milling virgin coconut oil etc.According to Wet-mill fermentation Virgin coconut oil types are the best and wet-mill no-heat virgin coconut oil are the second best. Third best coconut oil is fresh pressed virgin coconut oil and Refined Physical Coconut oil is fourth best coconut oil.

Refined solvent extract coconut oil, Liquid coconut oil got low mark according to site. This site also says that hydrogenated coconut oil got the lowest mark and they tell to avoid this type of coconut oil for consumptions.

Hope that get knowing these coconut oil types will be important to you to have a basic idea about the coconut oil. In groceries you can easily identify virgin coconut oil and other refined coconut oil. Normally virgin coconut oil has transparent in color and refined coconut oil got yellowish in color.

There are more than thousands of uses of coconut oil in real life situation and  I Create article regarding the Top 15 Benfits of Coconut Oil Uses and Top Health Benefits of Coconut Oil  in my previous articles and plan to crate and update more content and details regarding coconut oil in near future.

I have found another great article of “9 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil Daily” and this article also provide great resources of benefits of coconut oil uses by avoiding others.Hope this article would useful for if you search more content of Coconut oil uses.

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