Main Uses of Coconut Oil Pulling Therapy

Coconut Oil Pulling TherapyCoconut Oil Pulling Therapy is much popular recently due to its unique benefits and not is famous all around the world to have better oral health.Today we all rise yourself with toothbrush in our hand and it became a ritual. But our ancestors didn’t use any toothbrush or any toothpaste to brush their teeth. According to archeology research found that their teeth are really good and strong in healthy even if they are getting older.Even if we use the best toothpaste and brush our teeth daily or teeth are not strong as our ancestors. The main reason behind the strong teethes of our ancestors are . They eat highly nutritious natural meals which didn’t contain processed sugar . So its also  got higher tendency to spoil our enamel of our teeth.

What is Coconut Oil Pulling Therapy

Coconut Oil Pulling Therapy is one of the natural way to clean our teeth and to remove harmful toxin of our mouth using coconut oil for oral care used in Asian country for longer time. There are lots of benefits of coconut oil pulling for our oral health.

How To Treat Bad Breath Problems

If you got bad breath, it can easily reduced by using coconut oil pulling techniques. The main reason for bad breath is the harmful bacteria of our moth. Since coconut oil pulling eliminate those harmful bacterial it’s really good and natural remedy for those who got bad breath.

Whiten Teeth

Coconut Oil Pulling Therapy got good ability to get whiten our teeth. If your teeth are rally yellowish in color you can use coconut oil pulling as home remedy.

Apart of teeth whitening coconut oil can also use as a remedy for tooth decay also?

Solution for Throat Dryness Problem

If you have any problem associated with throat dryness it’s always better to use coconut oil pulling in to daily Patrice. Likewise coconut oil pulling got so many good natural remedy for oral health.

Oil pulling can do with several types of oils such as olive oil, sesame oil, but coconut oil provide excellent result than other types of coils and coconut oils is also cheap compare with other oils too.

In our previous articles we also showed how to do oil pulling in perfect way. It’s actually really easy process and what all you need to do is put table-spoon of coconut oil in to your mouth and swish it around 20 minutes and then remove it and brush your teeth.

Coconut oil pulling benefits

If you could able to do virgin coconut oil pulling daily it’s provide good result on your oral health.

Do Not Forget While Coconut Oil Pulling Therapy

If you are doing oil pulling, remember, not to forget to replace your regular teeth brushing withCoconut Oil Pulling Therapy. It’s also essential to brush your teeth daily and in additional to that you can do coconut oil pulling.

If you have some issue associated with your teeth it’s always better to get consult with dentist and whether its ok to do oil pulling or not by considering your current oral health.

Coconut oil is also excellent for oil pulling because coconut oil is rich in median chain Triglycerides (MCT) and contain higher lauric acid also.

Hope you have got some good understanding on coconut oil pulling and we will discuss more about it in your future articles.

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