Benefits of Coconut Husk Fiber in Horticultural Industry

Coconut husk fibercoconut husk fiber is created out of the husk of coconut which is the outer part of coconut seed and Coconut coir is mainly consist form of fiber.Normally coconut husk is not the main part of coconut tree the main product of coconut tree is coconut fruit and coconut husk is a waste product. Coconut coir is created out form this waste product called coconut husk and this coconut coir is one of the essential growing media in Horticulture industry.There are so many different household and industrial products are created by using this coir and we have already discussed more about the products which created by using coir in our previous posts.

In hydroponic industry coir is also known as coco peat and this widely used as growing media which is famous as 100% environmentally friendly product.

Most of coir based growing media is use for grow various fruits, vegetable and flower crops and worldwide.

Most of world coir demand full filled by Sri Lankan Coconut Husk Fiber products and this is a huge industry in Sri Lanka.

Coconut Husk Fiber used in hydroponic industry got different names such as coconut coir peat, coconut peat, coconut coir fiber pitch, coconut coir dust ect.

In horticultural the substances of coir widely used in grading.

Coir is a renewable and sustainable product and its one of the excellent growing media which able to absorb lots of nutrient in to the plant.

The major benefits of coir is the water holding capacity of it. This save lots of water compared with other soil products available in market.Since Coconut coir has excellent air space and drainage , it help to keep the nutrients and necessary moisture in close to the root of the plants.

Coconut coir can be re use for several plantation cycels so this is also a cost effective growing medium.

Coconut Husk Fiber is biodegradable product and there is no harm for environment from these products and this can be fully recyclable.

Coconut coir is slower to get decompose, so coir stay longer in soil but there are no harmful effect from it.Coconut Coir and peat are two different type of products and coir last long for longer period in soil than coconut peat.

Coconut Husk Fiber contains less acidic value and this also improves the air porosity in soil.

According to Wikipedia total global coir production is 250,000 tones and the most of coir manufacturing countries are Sri Lanka and Kerala State of India.

There are few disadvantages of coir also in horticulture industry but the advantages are far superior to the disadvantages.

coconut husk

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