Coconut Neera : Amazing Drink from Coconut Flower

Coconut flowerCoconut neera is produced from the sap of coconut flower bud which is cut to  collect the water part of the Coconut flower . Today we are going to discuss some other benefits of this amazing part of this coconut tree.Neera, Toddy, Karawe and Tuak are some of the brewage created out of this coconut sap. These brewage are also containing lots of nutritious value too.Coconut sugar is also created by using this coconut flower and coconut sugar is also named as coco sugar, coco sap, and coconut palm sugar.Coconut flower sap produces so many delicious products such as

  • Coconut vinegar
  • coconut nectar
  • coconut crystal
  • Amino seasoning sauce

Important Details of coconut Flower Drink

Coconut sap are collected by using hallow bamboo tube and container out of coconut flower .

Coconut neera is very healthy and delicious drink and it’s really good for digestions. Like coconut water neera also contain lots of healthy electrolytes and minerals such as sodium, potassium, ect.

Since coconut neeras is free from unhealthy fats and cholesterol it’s also good to consume too.

Coconut flower syrup are created by using neera is getting heated and concentrated.

Coconut neera is very famous among countries like Sri Lanka and India where coconut grow. Neera is also considering as non alcoholic nutritious drink.

Neera is also enriching with lots of healthy sugar minerals and vitamin too.Well treated neera can kept at least 2 months without getting spoil under room temperature.

Coconut Neera Nutriant Value

This coconut neera is nutritious rich and it’s also got very low Glycermic Index (GI) which is diabetic friendly also, So few amount of sugar is absorb in to our body.

Coconut neera also contain natural PH value which is good healthy amino acid, vitamin C and Vitamin B.Normally coconut neera is white and it’s also translucent . This got unique and really good taste also.

The amazing thing of tapping coconut tree and get neera is, once it’s tapped the sap will come out daily for continuously for 20 years. So some coconut owners select few trees only for the purpose of extracting coconut sap out of this coconut flower.

Coconut Flower  Based Products

Coconut sugar , coconut vinegar, coconut nectar and coconut crystal are which got good commercial value in world market also created by using this coconut sap and we are plan to discuss more about coconut sugar in our future articles.

We have already discussed different brewage and products can crate by use of this coconut sap and there is a huge commercial value of this coconut sap.

The major draw back of this coconut sap is collecting the sap in daily. The collection should do manually and it’s really difficult to continue this collection of sap for long time.

Coconut Neera

However coconut sap is also another great product which extracted out of this magical tree and we are plan to post more articles regarding this magical liqud and the product created out of it in near future.




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