What is Coconut Flour and How to Use It

coconut flour Coconut flour consist low carbohydrates and this coconut flour is best for diabetic patients. Coconut flour has great health benefits compare to other flours but the main disadvantage of this is the cost of coconut flour got low energy content compare to fresh coconut. But it is much easy to use this coconut as flour to direct apply in to cooking. normally coconut flour contain sweet coconut taste and this also add some great sweet to the food also.Coconut flour is widely used for baking products and there are a lot of muffins and buns can created by use of this coconut flour.Coconut are also used to produce flour which can create various tasty baking products and this flour can also use for various tasty recipes too. Normally coconut foods are enriching with calories and contain healthy saturated fat too.


There are lots of coconut flour recipes available in different culture and I am planning to post more of these recipes in near future. Cooking flour can use for various types of cooking recipes and this also do contain any gluten.  Coconut flour is manly use only for cooking applications and there lots of various recipes created out of this coconut flour. Coconut flour created by extracting the flesh of green coconut and these coconut flour create. Some of coconut flour  created the coconut after use to extracted by virgin coconut oil. Coconut flour consist less water compare to dried coconut and this flour can keep longer for consumption.

 Coconut Flour for Cooking

There are so many recipes created by using this coconut flour and sometimes this is bit tricky to use. Compare to other flour this flour absorb more liquid so it is necessary to add more water and the normal amount of eggs add to the recipes are high compare to other flours. There are so many advantage of coconut flour as cooking product and in South Asian and Pacific countries coconut add to their recipes normally and they use fresh coconut to consume .if we consider about western countries , Apply coconut in to their recipes is not much patrical . Its much difficult and no commercial value to export raw coconut fruit and use it as directly to their dishes. The main disadvantage is it is difficult to get to coconut meat out of coconut fruit.  So Coconut flour created as solution to that problem and it can directly apply to cooking recipes and can able to get the coconut flavor in to their meals.

how to use coconut flour

There are huge market to this new emerge coconut flour and there is a new tread to use this coconut flour for daily consumption. As I earlier mentioned in this website , coconut tree is actually magical tree. We can create lots of necessary product which has commercial value from this tree. it  is another product which can create by use of this miracle tree and there are so many other products which you never realize that can create out of this tree. I am plan to post more uses and benefits of this coconut products in near future and following are my several top rated articles which compromise the different uses of this coconut tree.