Coconut Fiber and it Uses in Modern Day

Coconut Fiber The scientific name of coconut trees in cocus nusifera and this tree fall under palm tree category. This is one of the most valuable trees by considering on commercial production. Coconut fiber is also known as coconut coir which is extracted from the husk of the coconut. The coconut fiber is use for so many applications and following are some of the applications which used by the grade and different type of coconut fiber. In here coconut fiber divide in to three main group such as Coconut Bristle Fiber, Coconut Machine Twisted Fiber and Coconut Mattress Fiber.

Coconut Bristle fiber

Coconut Bristle fiber is long and highly strong fiber which is commonly used to create brush and brooms in manufacturing industry. Coconut Bristle fiber is a type of coconut fiber which also stiff, long and string. There are grading of this fibers and basic grade of this coconut bristle fiber is known as 1 Tie Fiber, 2 Tie Fiber and 3 Tie Fiber. According to purpose these coconut Bristle fiber get oiled or waxed sometimes its bleached or get dried in various colors also. Following are the main purposes of Where Bristle fibers are used.

  • Coconut Coir Twine Production
  • To Create Brushes
  • To Crate Tawashi
  • Potting Mixes
  • Can also use ad growing media for cultivation
  • Use to manufacture special industrial and domestic filers

Coconut Machine Twisted Fiber

Machine Twisted Fiber is another type of coconut fiber which commonly used in making seats of automobile industry. The shape of the machine twisted fiber provide spring effects so it’s widely use for automobile sheets.  Machine Twisted fiber is created by use of different mixtures of other coconut fibers such as Bristle Fiber twisted, Omat fiber and Mattress fiber.

Coconut Mattress Fiber

Mattress Fibers is widely used to produce Spring Mattress and this type of coconut mattress fiber is also used for packing drainage filter and thermal insulation also.

So now you can understand the importance of this coconut tree and the application of coconut fiber in modern day applications  . I have already published so many articles about the importance of coconut in various applications and products such as.

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I’m Plan to produce more article about the sub products and import part of this miracle tree in near future.



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