Coconut Fiber Mats : Another Amazing Uses of Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber matsCoconut fiber mats is another form of coconut based product which is created out of using coconut coir. Coconut coir is a fiber part which extract out of coconut husk. These coconut coir mats are also known as biodegradable geo textile.

Today we are going to discuss some other benefits of this amazing part of this coconut tree.Most of these coconut coir mats are used for low and medium steep slopes to increase the strength of the soil.

Most of coconut coir mats are used for erosion control purposes in ground. Like coconut coir logs , coir mats are also used for stabilized to surface of the area.

Most of coconut coir mats are created by use of biodegradable 100% natural coconut fiber and this provide excellent result in soil erosion controls.

Normally coconut coir mats are made of bristle type of coir which extract from coconut husk and this got high tensile strength. So the functional life time of these mats are also very long tool.

Coconut Fibre Mats  Uses under Construction and Erosion Control Industry

Like Coconut Cori Log and  Coconut mats which are also use for so many different applications and purposes such as follows.

  • channel stabilization
  • slope stabilization
  • river bank stabilization
  • Wetland construction
  • Dam construction
  • Detention Ponds
  • Highway embankment
  • Mining operations
  • Ski Slopes and lift traffic
  • Pipeline construction.
  • For constructions sites where at high altitude.
  • Railway embankments
  • Wave Control Structures in riparian areas
  • Sediment in drainage lines
  • Sediment in Swahili

Apart of erosion control Coconut Fiber Mats also allow to get moisture penetrating which also assist to vegetation establishment of the surface.

This is also good for hot climate area because Coconut Fiber Mats got the ability to insulate the seed and root zones form the extreme heats and protect the plant to grow in good manner.

Coconut coir matness are mostly use for vegetation purposes under slope hill areas and where high erosion prone areas.

There are different grades available for these Coconut Fiber Mats according to their applications and the duration of the coir mats long last.

The use of coconut fiber mats and other coconut fiber products use for erosion control rapidly grow due the efficiency and the environmental benefits.

This is another great product of coconut fiber and amazing properties of this natural fiber got ability to create more product which is commercial value.

Coir mats are considered as one of the best environmentally friendly solution for soil erosion control which is specially design for biodegrade after a certain time period.

Unlike syntactic martial these bio degradable material used to enrich the area and environment surrounding and improve the quality of soil also.

There are so many industries focused on these products in erosion control which also use for multipurpose applications which is beneficial compared with other products.

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