Uses of Coconut Copra as a Commercial Product

copra5Coconut palm tree is the most commercially important tree in tropical country and they produce so many economically valuable products to the world. Copra is another product which use after the major production of coconut oil.Copra is the dried meat of coconut which uses to extract coconut oil. Copra production has long history this is a very important commercial product from coconut tree.Normally copra has 6-8% water.

Copra is the part which use after the coconut oil extracted from coconut fruit. Copra considered as an animal food and this got higher feeding value but normally coconut copra is much expensive compare to other animal foods. Philippines are the main exporter of the Copra and other exporter who export coconut such as Sri Lanka, India etc.Copra can divide in to two class such as Milling copra and edible copra. Milling copra is the copra use to get oil and edible copra is use as dry fruits. These copra are also used for religious purpose in India.Milling copra can also divide in to different grades and this grade shows the quality of copra which taken to extract oil from it. Milling copra is not suitable for cooking or any other human consumption .

Copra was introduced to Europe in late 1800 as an edible fat source and later it became popular in United States of America too. Unlike fresh coconut Copra can store for longer period and most of copra is taken for extract oil. Extract Oil from copra is doing small to large scaled industry in South Asia. Coconut copra is also another valuable product from this great magical tree  and the benefits of copra is also useful as a by-product. In this website I have shown the commercial product can created by use of this magical coconut tree and hope to post more and more uses of coconut and coconut tree in near future.

Uses of Coconut Copra