Unusual Uses of Coconut Coir Fiber In Modern Agriculture

coconut coir fiberDo you know the amazing uses of coconut coir fiber in modern-day  agriculture industry ? coconut coir fiber protect the hard shell which enclose the kernel of coconut. Coconut husk (coconut coir fiber ) is outer covering of coconut. Coconut husk consist 35 % of the total weight of entire mature coconut consists coconut husk. In most produce who are producing coconut copra and coconut shells are normally used to product coconut husk base products as by-product of coconut. There are so many amazing uses of coconut husk fiber and coconut coir and today we are going to discuss some details about coconut coir fiber which is great product out of coconut shell.

Heres the deal:

Coconut husk got its main value due to the fiber content of it which got higher uses. Since this fiber are natural. It’s also environmentally friendly to use coconut husk fiber as alternative for synthetic fibers.

Most of coconut harvests and coconut producers underestimate the great uses of coconut coir fiber What normally they do is put coconut husk in to fire copra kilns.

But if they know the greater value of this coconut coir fiber they will never do such stupid things again.

The majority of coconut husk based product is use in hydroponic and agricultural purposes. The excellent quality of conservation of moisture is main reason to use. Coconut husk in these plantation and agriculture based industry.

Apart of conservation of moisture coconut husk is also enrich with potassium and other valuable minerals too.

Uses at hydrophobic Industry :

Coconut husk are much advice to use in hydroponic industry than the out-door agricultural purposes. The main reason is also the conservation of moisture.

When plant and these coconut husk are exposed to heavy rain there would be some problematic situations to the pant due to the excessive water contain inside coconut husk.

coconut coir fiber uses as fertilizer:

Coconut husk can also use as fertilizer. To manufacture fertilizer coconut husk get burned and the ashes come out of coconut husk as natural fertilizer which  use for agriculture purposes. But these methods are not highly recommended. The natural coconut husk decomposes into soil is got great benefits.

For Agriculture Purposes:

As we explained in our earlier articles, coconut coir fiber also use as mulch to conserve water content in to soil.Broadcasting coconut husk in between palm are not recommended. The best way to use coconut husk is to bury them in trenches.

If you are buying husk its better to bury them layer by layer. Which means one layer cover with coconut husk. Then the other layer also cover with soil, then again cover with another layer of coconut husks.

There are thousands of coconut husk manufactures world-wide and these is an emerging business which contain huge potential.We have already discussed several articles about the uses of coconut husks and following are some of them.

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