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charcoal-powderIt’s always difficult to find the high-quality Coconut Activated Charcoal on the market. We have already discussed several common uses of coconut shell charcoals and today we are going to discuss how to select the fine quality coconut shell activated charcoal for use.In earlier days coconut shells are used for fuel for produce copra (use in the kiln). In most coconut growing countries such as Sri Lanka and India also use a coconut shell as a fuel for domestic uses too.Due to the huge burning efficiency of coconut shells coals, it’s widely used for goldsmith, laundries, breaks and blacksmiths for full fill their burning requirements on their relevant industries.

How can you actually do this?

How to Produce Coconut Activated Charcoal:

The main way to produce Coconut Activated Charcoal is to burn coconut shell with limited air supply.

Creating coconut shell charcoals and its main applications are used in most of the primary stage of industrial applications.

The main reason for apply limited air supply is to not burn away the coconut shell into ash.

Quality control does the vital role in the manufacturing of Coconut Activated Charcoal.

Identify the Best Quality Charcoal

There might be some broken coconut part may contain in bulk . So this better to sort out broken coconut shell out of to have a good quality set of coconut shells charcoals to export purpose.

If coconut shell charcoals produce some brownish or unburned Coconut Activated Charcoal or any coconut shell particles are which under burned need to burn again to have better export quality Coconut Activated Charcoal.

Coconut shell charcoal goes tend to ignite instantaneously so exporting such coal tends to occur serious burning. To reduce this ignites tendency coconut shell charcoals expose into the air for at least 2 weeks before packing for export or distribution.

coconut activated charcoal

Coconut shell crude charcoal may contain some amount of acid so this can cause deterioration of packing bags. So it’s normally used to packed in the south gunny packing bags.

Normally the weight of coconut charcoals is 30% of the weight of original coconut shells. So nearly 20000 coconut shells are required to create one ton of Coconut Activated Charcoal.

It’s better to select the best thick and strong natural coconut shell coal to produce the best quality coconut shell charcoal.

The one way to identify the best coconut shell is it got a uniform black color which is free from dirt.

The broken edge of coconut shells get shiny surface and the characteristic of it are a sharp factor.

It’s really easy to identify the over burned coconut shell because over burned coconut shell are thin and got bitterness.

Anyhow coconut shells much tend to bitter so it’s also easier to get pulverized. Sot it also really needs to get extra careful while transporting coconut shell charcoals.

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