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Coconut Activated Carbon Coconut Activated Carbon  is one of the greatest product from coconut tree and most of coconut charcoals uses increase in past decade by considering this safe and natural quality. Normally coconut charcoal created by the different process of burning coconut shells from mature coconut. Coconut shells are used to burn the heat limit by considering not to destroy it completely. Normally 1 tone of coconut charcoals can create by burning over 50,000 of coconut shells. Normally color of the coconut charcoals are Black and burning process of Coconut Activated Carbon  may assure to contain least 72% of fixed carbon in the shell. There are so many applications of Coconut Activated Carbon  and this can also use for various purposes also.Today we are going to discus some several unique uses of of coconut charcoals as a value added commercial products.

1. Coconut Activated Carbon As Health Supplements

Coconut Charcoals can also use as health supplement due to its unique properties. coconut activated charcoal got the ability to boost immunity and brain function so there are different products created coconut charcoals as a health supplements.

2. Coconut Activated Carbon For Process food Industry

Normally coconut charcoals and active carbon created out of coconut shell got the quality of remove the toxins so this coconut activated charcoal are also sues to remove outdoor pollutions from the process foods in process food industry.

3. Coconut Charcoal for Odors Control

activated charcoal coconut and its products are now widely use for odor control these days. Activated carbon created by coconut shell got excellent quality to remove odor completely. This got amazing ability to remove pet odors, cigarette bad smells and many more odors.

4. As Detoxifying Medicine

activated charcoal coconut from coconut charcoals are also used as effective detoxified to cleanses the body and widely use for accident ingestion. Activated carbon got excellent property to absorb toxins form the body and this also reduce the absorption of poisonous elements in our body.

5. Use as natural Remedies

Coconut charcoals are used as natural remedies for so many minor infections by different traditions and this also good and safe for insect bites ,stomach ulcers, and abdominal pain.

Due to eco-friendly uses of activated coconut carbon it’s now getting more popular in different commercial products. Most famous uses of coconut charcoal which we have discussed in our previous articles are

  • Water purification
  • Air purifications
  • Teeth Whitener
  • For soap and miniaturization products
  • Odor control
  • for golf Control
  • Animal food industry

There are numbers of other applications which coconut charcoals are use which we going to discuss in our future articles.

By considering the important facts of this coconut product , now we able to understand the importance of it in modern-day .

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Hope to publish more and more article about this coconut product in near future by considering your responds and comments.

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