Uses and benefits of coconut milk

benefits of coconut milk

What are coconut water

Scientific name of coconut is cocos hucifera and this coconut tree is belonging to palm family. Coconut is mostly growing in South Asian and Asian Pacific countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indian, Maldives and Sri Lanka. Coconut tree consider as a miracle tree in India and the call the tree as “Kalpa Vriksha” meaning the tree which give everything. Coconut tree produced various important products form every part of the tree. The most valuable part of this tree is nut and from nut of this miracle tree we can be able to make,   Coconut milk , Coconut sugar ,Coconut flesh Coconut oil ,Coconut water   In this article I am much focused on the benefits of coconut milk.

Most of the people think coconut water and coconut milk are the same, but the truth is Coconut water is the fresh liquid inside the nut and coconut milk is created by blending and graded coconut flesh. There is various machinery to scrape the coconut flesh in to small part and by using those small equipment’s scarped coconut flesh and adds hot water to this and strain the mixture  thin coconut flesh and water in to liquid form that look like milk.

Coconut milk creates thin by adding water and these thin coconut milk use for cooking purposes, especially for curries.   There are few demands for coconut milk compare to coconut oil and coconut water market.

As a benefits of coconut milk this is mainly used for cooking production. Coconut milk is used for create soups, milk shakes and sometime use as alternative for dairy product in food industry. Compare to dairy milk coconut milk got low fat content and lactose free.

According to research 100 ml of coconut milk contains Calories 154 Protein 1.4g ,Fat 15g  and Carbohydrate 3.4 g Unlike Coconut oil and coconut water, coconut milk getting spoil very quickly. So there are so many ingredients add to this milk to preserve longer time and also store in different temperature for storing purpose too.

There are so many popular brands for coconut milk in the market. Coconut is one of the most important ingredients of curries in every country.   Like said coconut milk is widely used for cooking and this milk is also used as a beverage by adding several flavored. Most of coconut production is export to the world by South Asian and pacific countries. Coconut milk got great taste and much creamier compare to other milk production.

Coconut milk also use as a cleanser for beauty industry and there are various beauty products are produced by using this coconut milk.  Best coconut milk can produce very easily in home form raw coconut by use of blender and cheesecloth.

Other main benefits of coconut milk is there are no much change the coconut milk produce at home and the commercial product available in market. There are so many various recipes produce using this coconut milk.

If you are going for coconut milk in market check that milk is much creamy, got clean white in color and thick cream in top of the container and the water part in bottom of the container. Coconut milk can be a great alternative for those who don’t like dairy production for their consumption.