15 Most Popular Ways to Use Coconut Coir Logs

Coconut Coir LogsCoconut Coir Logs are much famous as hydroponic industry as biodegradable erosion control medium. This Coir logs are widely used for hills, shorelines and most of highly erosion areas to reduce the soil erosion of the ground.Most of coconut coir fiber extracted out of coconut husks is long 4 to 12 inches in long and they colored brown and white naturally. Sri Lanka and India is the largest coconut fiber producer in the world and they produced more than 90% of coconut fiber in world market demand

Since coconut fiber (Coconut fiber is also known as coconut coir ) is strong and durable it’s widely use for so many applications to create such as coconut coir logs, coconut coir mats ,Coir Blocks and so many products under soil erosion industry. Most of coir logs created out of pure coconut husk fiber which is 100% natural product.

Applications of Coconut Coir logs:

These Coconut Coir logs are much popular for earth related applications such as

  • channel stabilization
  • slope stabilization
  • river bank stabilization
  • Wetland construction
  • Dam construction
  • Detention Ponds
  • Highway embankment
  • Mining operations
  • Ski Slopes and lift traffic
  • Pipeline construction.
  • For constructions sites where at high altitude.
  • Railway embankments
  • Wave Control Structures in riparian areas
  • Sediment in drainage lines
  • Sediment in Swahilis

This is one of the best solutions for soil erosion which is very easy to use. Since coconut coir are 100% natural it’s more environmental friendly solution by compare with other soil erosion methods.

Coconut Coir logs provides protection for vegetation establishments and takes very long time to stabilization.

Apart from use as a soil erosion media this coconut coir logs can also use for offshore to break waves and to solution for re-vegetation and sedimentation.

Coconut Coir logs can place directly on the bank as retaining materials also.

Why Coconut Coir Logs are much popular:

There are lots of benefits of use coconut coir logs and erosionpollution.com site mentioned some of good uses of this coconut coir logs as follows.

  1. Coir Logs are 100% natural product which created by use of coconut coir which also environmental friendly
  2. Since its environmental friendly it’s also safe for wildlife
  3. Unlike other medium this coconut coir logs does not need any chemical treatments.
  4. Coconut coir is very easy to transport and install on the ground
  5. Coir are also used as a medium of hydroponic industry so this also provide more nutrient to surrounding ground area and enrich the medium of soil
  6. Since coconut coir nutrient to surrounding area it’s also allow for deep rooting of plants also
  7. coir use to improve the existing contours in the area.
  8. Coir logs got the biodegraded over two to five years.
  9. This is much effective to hold seeds and Sapling in the area.
  10. Cori Logs got high tensile strength so this allows to protect very steep surface from soil erosion
  11. Life time of coconut  logs are three to five years which comparatively high by compare with other alternatives.
  12. Apart from natural friendliness coconut coir logs are also act as soil amendment.
  13. Coconut Coir got the ability to give balanced healthy grow medium in to plant and this also make sure plants establishment and natural invasion.
  14. Coir log also act as wick in the soil mantle and mulch on the surface also.
  15.  Coconut Coir log are also used for erosion control along shore lines and this also use for beach restorations also.

So by using this un valued coconut coir can able to create high value products which is necessary and best for above mentioned works.

Coconut coir are used for so many applications such as creating ,ropes, brushes, matress and so many uses of coconut coir. Now we also learned another uses of coconut coir based product which is essential for erosion controlling. Like wise there are so many uses of this coconut coir which extracted out of coconut husk.

By considering the important facts of this coconut product, we can able to understand the importance of it in modern day.

In future we are plan to discussed more about the benefits of coconut coir logs and other types of coir base products which use in soil erosion industry and other industry.

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