11 Surprising Uses of Coconut Oil for Horses

Coconut Oil for HorsesThere are hundred uses and applications of coconut oils for humans,Do you know that coconut oil can use for horse for improve their health and their performances.Yes coconut oil can able to use for horses to improve their performances and its shows proven results rather than syntactic products. Since coconut oil are 100% natural there are less side effects for horse compared with other horse products.

Remember If you are plan to use coconut oil for horses consider to apply virgin coconut oil. Because its contain more lauric acids compare with other types of coconut oils . Normally refined coconut oils and extra virgin coconut oils are good to use for horses .Use coconut oil for horses are much famous among horse owners due to its unique benefits and following are some details related to improve the performance of horses

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Horses

1. For Insect Bites

Insect bites can  itchy and lot of irritation to your horse. To get prevent those itchy insect bites you can apply coconut oil for horses insect bite area. Horse will get good relief from this remedy and due to the antibacterial properties which contain in coconut oil, horse will immediately get heal from the infection affected by the insect.

2. To Grow Tail and Hair by using Coconut Oil for Horses

Coconut oil is excellent for growing horse-tail and hair in organic way. Coconut oil got the capacity to grow horse tails and it also improve the stimulate circulation and horse will get good strong and beautiful hair and tail by applying coconut oil in regularly.

3. Easy to absorb Energy

We have already discussed the health benefits of coconut oils and from that we learned that coconut oil got medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which are much easy to absorb and convert to energy. So this property is also used to help horse also like humans.

4. Can Mix with Palatable Supplements

Since Horse is like to consume coconut oil too much it’s easy to mix the palatable supplement and medicines with coconut oil and give to the horse.

5. Anti Bicrobial effects

Anti Microbial effects are which contain in coconut oil is also good the treat mud fever which occur in horses.

6. 100% Organic Product

Petroleum based and silicone based conditioners and products are normally used for apply the hair and skins of horse to grow. But these synthetic products are sometimes harmful and create side effects later on. By coconut oil are 100% organic and it got good quality to absorb in to hair and skin faster and grow them on naturally?

7. Enrich with Lots of Energy

Coconut oil is enriching with lot of energy and this is help for reducing the feed intake which is essential for exercise of the horse.

8. Increase the Performance of Horse

Since coconut oil are easily broken down than other types of oils , so this can use as energy fuel to horse which alternative to glucoses which is effective in increasing the performance of horse while exercising.

9. Can Use for Sweet Itch Problems

Coconut oil can also use for the horses who suffer from sweet itch problem, This can easily get rid of by applying and rub coconut oil in those sore areas of the horse.

10. Use for Digestions

Coconut oil is also prove excellent result for digestion so If your horse have problems with digestions its better to add coconut oil in to their feed. And this will enhance the digestion in horse.

11. Good for Fighting with Diseases

Coconut oil are really good for fighting with disease and infection and improve human immune system , this is also same for horse also . The horse who consume coconut oil got really good immune system and there are less tendency to affect diseases for them.

So by considering above 11 benefits of coconut oil for horses you can imaging how good to use these 100% organic product. actually coconut oil is one of the most value form of oil which can use for so many applications for humans as well as for animals also.


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